Contortion Class (Recording from 7/20)

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This is a 2 hour Zoom Recording of my contortion class. Things we focused on class include:

-20 minute proper warm up

-Shoulder/Upper Back warm up with wall and elevated surface

-Arching back in over splits

-Flying cobra sequence

-Bridge wall drill

-Contortion handstand drills

-Pressing into contortion handstand (Hand stand tick tocks)

-Chest stand drills

-Snake chest stand drills

-Chest stand sequence

-Bridge press to handstand

3 Sequences

1. Contortion handstand sequence

2. Croc balance to chest stand 

3. Chair pose sequence, slide down into lunge

Cool Down at the end!

Equipment that will be helpful for class:

-At least 2 yoga blocks (Hard cover books can work)

-Wall space

-Elevated, padded surface against a wall (Such as a chair, couch, or bench)

-Yoga mat or padded surface

-Resistance band or strap (Or a stretchy long sleeve shirt)

-Weighted object (Between 5-10 lbs is ideal)

-Foam roller (Is helpful but you can do the class with out it)

-Peanut roller (Only needed for one exercise)

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You'll get access to a 2 hour recording of my virtual contortion class where I demo every exercise and give proper cues.

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Contortion Class (Recording from 7/20)

0 ratings
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