Contortion Class (Recording from 7/13)

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This is an hour and 45 minute Zoom Recording of my contortion class. Things we focused on class include:

-20 minute proper warm up

-Active Drills for Middle Splits

-Over splits (Various stretches/drills to improve your line)

-Upper back/Shoulder drill with elevated surface and wall

-"Active lifts"

-Upper back drill with weighted object

-Bridge wall drill

-Arching back in frog pose

-Wall needle drill

-Spider bridge pose sequence with slide down to splits, floor needle

-Chest stand drills

-Forearm bridge press to forearm stand into "snake pose"

-Bridge press into contortion handstand

-Contortion croc

-"Teapot" chest stand

1 minute hold!

Cool Down at the end!

Equipment that will be helpful for class:

-At least 2 yoga blocks (Hard cover books can work)

-Wall space

-Elevated, padded surface against a wall (Such as a chair, couch, or bench)

-Yoga mat or padded surface

-Resistance band or strap (Or a stretchy long sleeve shirt)

-Weighted object (Between 5-10 lbs is ideal)

-Foam roller (Is helpful but you can do the class with out it)

-Peanut roller (Only needed for one exercise)

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Watch link provided after purchase

You'll get access to a 2 hour recording of my virtual contortion class where I demo every exercise and give proper cues.

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Contortion Class (Recording from 7/13)

1 rating
I want this!